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Formalize CSS

# Linked to 19 October 2010, 01:54 in by Sam Brown

I want some measure of control over form elements, without changing them so drastically as to appear foreign in a user’s operating system. Thus, my quest to find a happy medium, where browsers would generally agree and let me keep my sanity. The result is what I’m simply referring to as Formalize CSS.

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CSS Counters: counter-increment and Friends

# Linked to 25 August 2010, 17:17 in by Sam Brown

A comprehensive discussion of how to use CSS counters, including an infographic and details on browser support, benefits and potential drawbacks.

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27 Amazingly Realistic CSS Icons and Logos

# Linked to 24 August 2010, 19:48 in by Sam Brown

In this article, we have handpicked some awesome css3 experiments so far which will make you say wow.

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Animated Sprites with CSS3 Transitions

# Linked to 13 August 2010, 19:16 in by Sam Brown

Using two familiar CSS techniques you can create animated CSS-only rollovers that degrade gracefully in nonsupporting browsers.

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CSS3 Playground

# Linked to 11 August 2010, 02:38 in by Sam Brown

Explore CSS3 radius, box-shadow, text-shadow, and transforms in a WYSIWYG environment. (via Cameron Moll)

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960 Grid System and Full Width Backgrounds

# Linked to 9 August 2010, 17:08 in by Sam Brown

Best practices for implementing full width header/footer backgrounds using the 960 Grid System.

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Word-Wrap: A CSS3 Property That Works in Every Browser

# Linked to 22 July 2010, 17:46 in by Sam Brown

The word-wrap property is one of the oldest CSS3 properties, it works in IE6, and has a practical use especially for bloggers.

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Semantically correct website logos

# Linked to 20 July 2010, 19:42 in by Sam Brown

Article on the “best” approach to marking up site logos/headings.

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Adaptive float fixing

# Linked to 17 July 2010, 00:02 in by Sam Brown

A common problem faced by many web developers is how to correctly handle a series of floated, margined elements inside a fixed width container.

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CSS3 PIE: CSS3 decorations for IE

# Linked to 14 July 2010, 17:50 in by Sam Brown

PIE makes Internet Explorer 6-8 capable of rendering several of the most useful CSS3 decoration features.

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